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Video by Jens De Vos (Panda Productions)
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"These are dark times. Never before have I personally witnessed such uncertainty. Our society has been set to a hold, unlike any other. There’s an enemy up in the air, an enemy which has long been around, though never seen with the bare eye. It’s the biggest threat, the most terrifying fear there is: the fear of losing control.


In these times, I’ve been astonished by how people react to this situation. Some crawl into a cradle of fear, others have never truly lived more. There are even those who take advantage of the situation, both in a good and in a bit less good way. I guess that’s what defines man-kind.


Those who are often forgotten are the people who have always faced life as a huge obstacle, those who suffer from mental vulnerability. How do they stand in the world as it is today? We hardly hear their voices in the media. Just recently I heard the news of someone who had stepped out, because of a lack of hope, a lack of perspective. That is just awful! It is something I feel we should fight, more than ever. How do we save those who used to have a hard enough time facing the current society without the fear we are experiencing now? Can you imagine what that must be like? It is something we rarely hear or read about these days. It only seems to be about the numbers: how many deaths? How’s the curve? Mental health during COVID times is something we should bring more to the surface, without question.


Let’s not forget about those who need perspective, who need support, who need hope. Because recently, there’s been very little of the latter. In music and education, the two fields I’m active in, everything has changed. Will it ever go back to normal?
Creative people are often those who are all over the place mentally. They need some kind of handhold, something to hold on to, because their mind is some place else when it roams freely into the creative field with its many mysterious paths.


Remember last year, when I released PORTRAITS. Over 1,500 of you decided to purchase a copy. With that, you supported PsychoseNet, a good cause, guiding those who suffer mentally towards the right kind of help. It was you who contributed in offering help. THANK YOU!


Now, in the light of the current situation, I would like to do this once again. In support of those who need it, I’m releasing the PORTRAITS 2021 calendar. The calendar is 42x30cm (A3 size) and it contains photographs from the project. People included are Cristina Scabbia, Simone Simons, Tarja Turunen, Alissa White-Gluz, Ghost and many more.

Each calendar will be 35.00 euros, in support of PsychoseNet.

Let’s give some perspective to those who need it. Let’s spread some hope.


All calendars will be shipped in the course of November.


With love,

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