psychosenetWith 'PORTRAITS', Tim wants to support one good cause, being PSYCHOSENET. is a website where clear and objective information is provided about psychosis. And that is far from redundant. There is no mental state that comes with more misconceptions as psychosis.

Not only is the website an informative platform, it also serves as an e-health tool. It is an easily accessible tool for people to get in touch with experts to guide you into the good direction in the search of help. This way, PyschoseNet attempts to cope with the enormous waiting times that mental health care faces nowadays. PsychoseNet doesn't provide help. It shows the way towards help.

PsychoseNet functions in a completely independent way. It doesn't rely on support from the government nor the pharmacological sector. All suggested treatments are 100% free of interest.
It is an organisation that is realised by a team of caregivers, experienced experts and family members.

More information is to be found at

Why specifically PSYCHOSENET?

As a teacher, mental health is something Tim deals with every day. At the school he teaches at, he sees more and more teenagers who are struggling. They are often full of questions and very unsure of who they are and what they want to achieve in life. To them, life has become an endless fight that they have to conquer every single day.

In 2013, Tim met Jill Janus of the American heavy metal band HUNTRESS. Since then, Tim and Jill became good friends and they stayed in touch, doing photo shoots whenever Jill was on tour in Europe. In 2018, the devastating news of Jill's passing reached Tim through his socials. Jill had ended her mental struggle once and for all. It was that moment, right in the middle of Tim's project, that confirmed the field he was going to support.

If you are struggling, if you have any questions, do reach out. Seek help. There's always someone to catch you when you fall.