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Publication: Tim Tronckoe Photography
Publication date: Fall 2019
Printing: Die Keure
Graphic Design: Thomas Soete
Format: 25x36cm / 9.85x14.18"
Features: 180 pages, full colour, hardcover in linen with fold-outs in cardboard case
Signed by the artist (Tim Tronckoe)
Language: English
ISBN: 9789463886390
First edition
Limited to 1,000 copies
Preface by Alissa White-Gluz

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Placing a pre-order for this book, gives you the chance of receiving a limited, hand-signed print, added to your purchase. There are more than 100 to give away! All prints are hand-signed and numbered by the portrayed artist. There will be a random draw by the end of the presale periode (September 20).

In addition, EVERYONE pre-ordering the book will receive a small print that ONLY comes with the preorders.

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Tim Tronckoe is proud to announce 'Portraits', a collection of photographs from the course of the past three years.

Portraits contains over seventy unseen portraits of rock musicians, who Tim carefully selected, photographed as if they had been painted as historical figures by the old masters.

Portraits is a 180-page visual recording of today's musical artists, expressed through Tim Tronckoe's unique and distinctive vision.

Featuring a monumental selection of photographs which have never before been published, Portraits shows Tim's unconditional love for fine art, photography and history.

In this book/project, Tim wants to emphasize the way we look at musicians and artists. We worship them, we admire them, as if they were kings and queens. However, underneath those layers, underneath that image, there is a real person that goes beyond the understanding of a single portrait.


Designers and stylists: Simon De Bruyne, Maya Langouche, Elena Werner, Sharon Boucquez, Ingeborg Steenhorst, Marijke van Bijnen.
Make-up and hair artists: Kika von Macabre, Kelly Druez, Jenske Szudlarski, Julia Lion Hair, Marino Lambix, Mijas Natural, Lida van Straaten.
Set builders: Jelle Boucher, Kevin Mergaerts, Thierry Boutemy, Leonardo Tonioni, Jan Pauwels.
Video: Jens De Vos of Panda Productions.
Crew: Nick Tronckoe, Cheyo De Winter, Dorina Kappatou, Elsie Roymans, Lien Pauwels, Willem De Bruyne.
Others: Mattias Vanderschueren, Nicole Parmentier, Filip Nollet, Mario Mortier, Alcatraz Music, Rock Tribune Magazine, Ron Van Hal, Opera Vlaanderen, Historische Huizen Gent, AMUZ, Bisdom Gent, Stad Gent, Stad Brussel, Lori Linstruth, Arne Desmedt, Carlos Cáceres, Thomas Soete, Jan Van Zwam, Marleen Verhelst, all the artists and their management, everyone else who contributed to this book.