Taking over Times Square

Last week we headed out to New York City to do a fashion shoot at Times Square. Smile with your eyes girls!

Times Square is without doubt the most popular and most crowded place on Earth. Going by the name of 'Crossroads of the World', it has long been my dream to shoot there.
However, being so crowded, it's a big hassle to set up a photoshoot there. Anyway, we decided to go for it. Since there's never a dull moment in New York City, we had to pick a date and we went for a beautiful Sunday evening, just after 9 o'clock, when the sun would have completely disappeared and the only light hitting the scene would have been the billboards.
One day before the actual shoot, we went to see which spots would work best. After an hour or so, I had the pictures in mind.

The next day, we started getting ready at about 7pm. Sharon went into make-up while I was going over all the details with Nick and Jolene (assistants for the day).
Just before 9pm, we left for Times Square. Once there, Sharon got into position, Nick brought the light in place (only one light this time), Jolene kept an eye on our safety and we started shooting away.
After about 15 minutes, we wrapped up another successful shoot.

This was definitely one for the books. Never have I had an audience that big. Fortunately, everyone around us was very supportive and respectful, which made it a little less stressful.

Really, shoots like these, full of excitement and unexpected elements, these really keep me alive and creative. More of this please!

- Tim

Photographer: Tim Tronckoe
Model, designer and MUA: Sharon Boucquez
Assistant 1: Nick Tronckoe
Assistant 2: Jolene Pincket

Photos © Tim Tronckoe 2016, All rights reserved.