Alex Agnew photoshoot

Alex Agnew, good friend and mister-good-laughs, selling out the one arena after the other, asked me to shoot his new promo pictures.

In 2016, stand-up comedy legend Alex Agnew is going to hit the stand-up comedy stage again. Most shows have sold out already, which is wicked, since the first show only takes place months from now!

I remember meeting Alex for the first time when I shot the images for the his band 'Diablo Blvd.' We got along from the very start, no issues, no egos, just a great understanding.
We met up many times after that and we really got to know each other. This was very important in making the comedy photos work. Now that I got to know the man behind the comedy so well, he was open to every idea I'd come up with.

We rented a studio in Antwerp and went for three final looks: single shots, the chick magnet shots and the Terminator shots. This latter just had to be in there. His upcoming show goes by the name of 'Unfinished Business', so it's only suiting that we showed his epic return this way. Arnie was never too far away.

Make-up for these shots was provided by Sarina Mannaert, make-up artist extraordinare! Alex spent about three hours in make-up, but when you see the final results, it's truly mindblowing. Note that this special make-up didn't need any enhancing in Photoshop at all!

Now, go behind-the-scenes with Alex Agnew at his 'Unfinished Business' photoshoot with photographer Tim Tronckoe.

Alex Agnew:
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Photographer: Tim Tronckoe (
BTS video: Jelle Boucher at UnleashedVisuals (
Models: Alex Agnew, Sharon Boucquez and Rubia Stri
Make-up artist: Sarina Mannaert (
Track: Ride Of The Valkyries (Richard Wagner)

Alex Agnew's Unfinished Business Photoshoot