There's something in the water

Last Friday, Swedish metal sensation AVATAR performed a secret gig in Belgium. We did quite a spontaneous shoot ... in a pool.

Avatar played a secret gig in Belgium last Friday. First time I met them was one year ago. We got along really well, shot some pictures back then and we've run into each other a couple of times since then.

We didn't really have a shoot planned today, but Johannes (vocals) asked me if we could take some pictures in the backstage pool, right after show, with him wearing his stage outfit. Sure, why not?
He first wanted a jump sequence, but since I didn't have my flash kit with me and there wasn't enough light, we decided to something way more wicked: turing him into the scariest merman you've ever seen, with his face just above the surface.

I used no flash for this picture. The only light used was the artificial light hanging above the pool. After some Photoshop, adding some drama, this is the final result. I actually really like it. What do you think? Still want to go for a swim after seeing this picture?