Celtic Woman in Antwerp

On February 15, Celtic Woman celebrated their tenth anniversary in the Antwerp Theatre, in the heart of the city centre.

I arrived about an hour before showtime, collected my pass and went for a little stroll in the lovely city of Antwerp.
Despite my love for Ghent, Antwerp is still my favourite city in Belgium. It has so much to offer: great culture, shops, food and friends.

About fifteen minutes before showtime, I headed back to the venue only to find out I was the only photographer there. I was escorted to the side of the stage.
Just a bit later, a second photographer arrived. Apparently, we were the only two accredited to shoot the gig.

Our position could have been a lot worse. We were just a couple of feet removed from the stage. In addition, lights were magical!
We were allowed to shoot a total of three songs and after that we were escorted back to the entrance of the Antwerp Theatre.

Here's a selection of the pictures I shot.