On the road with Epica

Last week I spent a couple of days on tour with Epica. Had a great time shooting these awesome people.

Last week was pretty intense. First I got hired to shoot the new promotional pictures for ARCH ENEMY. The band has a new guitar player, the one and only Nevermore supertalent Jeff Loomis. So obviously they needed new press pictures and they needed them quickly.
The next day I was in Holland shooting new material for LIFE OF AGONY and right after that, I was on the train heading for London, where EPICA had sold out The Forum and I was asked to follow the band with my camera.
What I love about this band is a whole bunch of things: the people, their talent, their ambition, their awesome sense of humour and their crew. In their crew, there's this one guy (well, actually all of them, but hey...) I want to give a huge shout out and it's Erwin, the band's light guy!
Boy, the light he provides for EPICA is pure magic. His work is the biggest proof of the importance of a great light show. No light, no show, that's how I see it. And Erwin is the guy who knows how to make the stage shine.
We went on the bus heading for Utrecht (The Netherlands) for the last show of this first tour leg. I don't remember much about the night. I just remember waking up in a miserably rainy Utrecht.
The day started pretty relaxed, playing some table football with the guys, shooting pictures backstage and during soundcheck and then doors opened. It was another sold-out show of over 2,000 people and some had been waiting at the doors for hours. Respect guys!
Closer to showtime, the band decided to do another photoshoot. My initial plan was to do this on stage, but since Dragonforce had to set up their gear and of course it wasn't possible after doors, I found a great spot backstage.
The show was awesome once more. Got to shoot the full set again from all spots in the venue, which was really cool, again taking the killer lightshow and pyro into account. Man, that was hot!

I'll be joining Epica again during some dates of the second tour leg. Can't wait!