Photoshoot Sharon Den Adel - first result

Sharon approved the first image of our latest photoshoot we did a couple of days ago. Find out how I shot it here.

WTHIN TEMPTATION are currently right in the middle of their breathtaking theatre tour. For this occasion, Sharon's wearing quite an impressive outfit to open the set. Reason enough to shoot some new pictures.

My brother joined me to assist on this photo session. Why? I just love to work with a living light stand for my key light and since my brother knows exactly what I want, it just works so much better for me for have him hold the light.
And of course, I needed someone to help me carry my gear ;)

Sharon, her manager and I agreed to do the pictures right before showtime. We arrived at about 6pm, which gave us plenty of time to look for a good spot, to catch up with everyone, to have dinner and to set up our gear.
We found ourselves a good spot right behind the stage, where we set up our grey background (since I knew this was going to be photoshopped anyway), my key light and one back/rim light.
The key light had a diffused reflective umbrella and my rim light had an orange gel on it, adding some more colour and drama to the image.

About ten minutes before showtime, Sharon was all ready and we shot for about fifteen minutes. Sorry to the audience who had to wait a little bit. Rock 'n roll :)

Here's the first image that was approved by Sharon, with the lighting diagram for the shoot.
I just love the way how everything came together, and definitely the orange glow in the feathers and on the rest of the headdress.

What do you think?