All Time Low and hordes of shrieking girls

The title says it all. I spent some time with the awesome lads of ALL TIME LOW and man, it was quite an experience.

I'd already noticed something was going on while driving past the venue at 5.15pm. A huge amount of very young fans had gathered at the entrance of the Trix Hall in Antwerp, all eagerly waiting for ALL TIME LOW, a show that had been sold-out for months.
I had an appointment with the guys at 6pm for a photoshoot, so I parked my car and hurried to the backstage entrance with all my equipment. I was escorted inside, met up with the guys and started setting up my gear, while the band was doing a meet and greet.
It was hard not to tell where they were meeting their fans. You just had to follow the screams and follow the trail of fainting teenagers.
Right after that, we did the shoot in the backstage corridor of the dressing rooms.

The guys were incredibly kind, funny and really appreciative. I think we wrapped up the shoot in less than ten minutes so the band could leave to the second part of the meet and greet. Yes, you've read it well: a second meet and greet. And again, screaming girls everywhere.

The show was nice to shoot as well. Good lights, great action on stage and really impressive energy in the whole venue.

Thanks to ALL TIME LOW and their amazing crew and management for having me. It was a pleasure!