A day with SABATON

Got to spend the day with SABATON and DELAIN in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Last Sunday, I was invited to spend the day with SABATON and DELAIN when they stopped in the Netherlands for a sold-out gig in Tilburg.
I arrived at the venue in the afternoon and was handed my passes. I almost immediately ran into Charlotte, who's still the same cheerful girl I met eight years ago. She's grown to be an extremely talented vocalist and I couldn't be more proud of her and her band.
I enjoyed the band's soundcheck, went for dinner and right before DELAIN, Charlotte and Joakim (SABATON) decided to pose together for some quick photos. These will be online shortly.
Afterwards, I went in the venue, which had nicely filled up with over 2,200 fans. Both DELAIN and SABATON gave me permission to shoot their full set, front stage and on stage, which gave me a lot more freedom to get some exclusive pictures.
Right before stagetime, Hannes (drummer of SABATON) had asked me to come behind his drum set (which was on top of a tank), to shoot some pictures from that perspective. Half way the set, I made my way on the tank and got some pretty impressive pictures. Honestly, I had to put my vertigo aside for just a minute. However, the view was truly overwhelming.
After the flawless show, I decided to stay just a bit longer, which also gave me the chance to catch up with Floor's parents. Since their daughter is a couple with Hannes, they came to see their son-in-law. How cute is that! Lovely people.
All these images were shot with two Canon EOS 5D mark III's, one armed with the 24-70 2.8. The other with the 15mm.

SABATON © Tim Tronckoe 2015 photo Sabaton013Tilburg11012015copyTimTronckoe2_zps3f6e7f69.jpg
SABATON © Tim Tronckoe 2015 photo Sabaton013Tilburg11012015copyTimTronckoe5_zps7fcbec50.jpg
SABATON © Tim Tronckoe 2015 photo Sabaton013Tilburg11012015copyTimTronckoe7_zps02b23e03.jpg
SABATON © Tim Tronckoe 2015 photo Sabaton013Tilburg11012015copyTimTronckoe34_zpsf8b51f5a.jpg
 photo Sabaton013Tilburg11012015copyTimTronckoe42_zps2717dfeb.jpg
 photo Sabaton013Tilburg11012015copyTimTronckoe66_zps8e105d5d.jpg