Simone Simons photoshoot Graspop 2015

A few weeks back, Simone of EPICA grabbed me for some photos of her new Ray-Ban shades. Here's the story behind the pictures.

So, at this year's Graspop Metal Meeting, Epica performed the first day on the main stage. The next day was a day off for the band. Simone and I decided to shoot some pictures that would accompany a blog post about her new summer shades.
You can read the blog post on her website:

The first pictures we shot took place in our backstage photo studio, where my colleague Rudy and I were working all weekend.

A bit later that day, we decided to take the pictures to another level, literally, because we went to the skydeck of the signing sessions to shoot with a sea of people behind Simone. The images from these series are my favourites without any doubt. Everything seemed to come together: the light, the location, the look we were going for ...

The lighting:
- The studio photos were shot with two studio heads, one camera right, the other camera left, equally dividing the light at equal power. Both lights were diffused through a shoot-through umbrella.
- The crowd photos were shot with a single light: the amazing Elinchrom ELB400. This super portable lighting set-up has helped me in so many cases when there's no power available. It's super light, small, extremely powerful and it creates the most beautiful light you can have.

Simone has always been my favourite person to work with. She knows what she wants, she's super talented, super sweet, super appreciative and looks beyond amazing, both on and off stage.

How do you like my new steps into fashion photography?